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Blütenweg 8

71334 Waiblingen


0176 64289124


Apocalypsis is a brand, formed in 2017 by Jonas Stetter and Adamantios Tsolis.

Our concept is based on the pillars of craftsmanship, creativity and individuality. The meaning behind these pillars are relativly simple: We want to produce high-quality clothing that is unique. There wasn't any opportunities to mass produce in foreign countries in the first place, so we just decided to prudce it by ourselves. Plus we were always guaranteed that the clothing would come out just the way we wanted it to. The fabrics we use for our clothing are hand picked by us to offer the best quality we possibly can. Besides, all the fabrics we pick are straight italian fabrics, to do our promises justice.

But that's not everything just yet. It wasn't enough to simply design clothing. We wanted to impress with innovative cuts and artworks which is the reason why we worked a long time on them until they were perfect to us. In the beginning, our artworks were in the centre of our interest. Without the artwork printed on the shirt, it still impresses with it's unique cut, but in the end the print finalizes it. The artworks originated through our fascination to the creative mindset and of course our passion for (contemporary) art. 

These are the values, we combine with our handcrafting to create indvidual clothing you only get from Apocalypsis Collective.